Close of day: Sunset at Arpoador


We began our tour walking at the beautiful Copacabana Beach, there we enjoyed an awesome evening sun and learned little bit about it’s history. There we have the poet’s Carlos Drummond de Andrade statue, the most famous one since it’s inauguration in 2002, when he became 100 years old.

We stopped to recharge at the Copacabana Fort, a military base at the South of the beach that defines it’s limites, being the other side part of another neighborhood. There we can sit at the Confeitaria Colombo, where we can enjoy a delicious afternoon coffee with the most beautiful view of Copacabana’s beach.

See more pictures of this afternoon at Arpoador on our Facebook Page.

At the Fort Copacabana we can visit the Army Historical Museum and a artillery park, they mark different moments in the history of the Brazilian army.
Outside we walked to take a long look at the several artillery pieces from the late 19th and early 20th century. Brasil invested in those pieces back then to defend and protect our coast.

When the sun was threatening to close our day, around 5pm in our early winter, we started to climb the Arpoador Stone. This huge stone at the Arpoador beach has an incredible view and there are some hidden spots to choose where to watch the Sunset.
When you go, please be careful to climb! There we could see Morro Dois Irmãos and Pedra da Gávea.


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