Cloudy and Beautiful Botafogo.

A RioLIVE! mindig a nap legjobb része. Ma a Botafogo tengerparti szakaszán sétáltunk végig. Nem volt napsütés, kicsit esett, mégis a kilátás gyönyörű, a hangulat pedig még annál is jobb volt. A négy kilométeres sétát egy jól megérdemelt caipirinha követte Diogo egyik kedvenc helyén. Így kéne minden nap vegződjön. #riolive #riofeelings

Katalin Vincze, Hungary

Cloudy and Beautiful Botafogo
Cloudy but beautiful view!

We had a great afternoon visiting the cloudy and beautiful Botafogo. Clouds and rain are not common in the carioca summer but it didn’t stop our students from enjoying this great place. Our crew from Austria, France, Slovakia and Hungary had a great time walking around Flamengo and Botafogo beaches. They could enjoy different views of the city from different perspectives. As it was the first school day for most of them, it was great to get to know each other  and practice their Portuguese even more. In the end, nothing better than finishing our RioLIVE! with some nice caipirinhas!

Cloudy but beautiful Botafogo
What an amazing crew!

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Cloudy and Beautiful Botafogo
The best way to finish a RioLIVE! is with some good caipirinhas!