Cloudy Day Football Day

Día nublado, día de fútbol.

Yesterday, we went to play football on the beach with classmates. İt was so much fun. Even though it was raining, we really enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Basak Grosmangin, Turkey.

Cloudy Day Football Day
Ready to score!

Cloudy Day Football in Rio de Janeiro! That’s what our Portuguese students told us before doing this RioLIVE! Cariocas don’t like cloudy and cold weather in general, but it wasn’t a big deal for them, they ignored it and played football on the beach in Copacabana. They said they couldn’t play so well but during the activity, they showed completely the opposite. We played tough matches and none of them wanted to give up the win.

A great afternoon spent in good company, fun and ended with caipirinhas and Portuguese practice!

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Cloudy day Football day


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