Cold beer anytime

En el Muro de Urca.

Nous avons passé un excellent après-midi avec RioLive avec un premier stop à la Praia Vermelha. Après une baignade en profitant d’une vue privilégiée sur le Pain de Sucre , nous nous sommes baladés dans le quartier tranquille d’Urca. Nous avons ensuite longé la baie de Guanabara avant de faire un dernier stop pour apprécier quelques bières fraîches accompagnés des fameux accras de morue.

Magali Bravo, France

Walking by Urca's seawall while enjoying the view
Walking by Urca’s seawall while enjoying the view

Weather is getting colder in Rio because winter is coming. But as cariocas can have a cold beer anytime, we don’t really care how cold it is. We took our students to Urca and relaxed at Vermelha beach for a while. Soon after, we walked around the neighborhood enjoying the peaceful streets and the amazing views.

Our RioLIVE! brought us to the end of Urca’s seawall where we had a cold beer a warm conversation in Portuguese.

We can have a cold beer anytime in Rio!
We can have a cold beer anytime in Rio!

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