Cold Weather and Sweet Snacks

Estudiantes de la Rio & Learn en una mesa de la Confeitaría Colombo.

The visit at Confeitaria Colombo was great, getting to know this historical place with a classic architecture among the modern buildings and the busy life downtown makes this mixture very interesting. Inside the place and tasting its sweets, the vibe is even better. I loved being there with RioLIVE! practice my Portuguese and getting to know the rest of the students.

Janet Garcia, United States.

Cold Weather and Sweet Snacks
Yummy :p

It doesn’t matter if it is cold in Rio de Janeiro, with RioLIVE! you can enjoy the cold weather with sweet snacks at Confeitaria Colombo. Located at the center of the city, this place is traditional  and famous for those who want to have coffee, tea or eat something good. There are so many options there and our Portuguese students couldn’t even decide what they were going to have, but they were sure that all of them were delicious. A good way to spend the afternoon, speak Portuguese and know new things in Rio.

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