Colors in Portuguese. As cores: Vermelho, verde, azul, amarelo, laranja, roxo, branco, cinza, preto, marrom, rosa.

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Today, we are going to learn the colors in Portuguese. Let’s start with the correct pronunciation for each of them.

Colors in Portuguese

Other Colors

We use the word Incolor when we want to say that an object doesn’t have a color. Now, let’s see how to use some of these colors inside sentences with the examples we have:


A bandeira do Brasil é verde, amarela, azul e branca.
The Brazilian flag is green, yellow, blue and white.

O céu é azul.
The sky is blue.

A lua é prateada.
The moon is silver.

Quando está nublado o céu fica cinza.
When it is cloudy, the sky gets gray.

Os cabelos de Marina são marrons.
Marina’s hair is brown.

As unhas de Martha estão pintadas de roxo.
Martha’s nails are purple.

As havaianas de Luiz são laranjas.
The flip flops of Luiz are orange.

O coco é verde.
The coconut is green.

O batom de Maria é rosa.
Maria’s lipstick is pink.

Pablo comprou uma aliança dourada para sua noiva.
Pablo bought a golden wedding ring for his fiancée.

Notice that some of the colors vary in masculine or feminine according to the object they refer. Let’s check if you learned:

Portuguese Colors Quiz

Well, guys! You have just learned the colors in Portuguese. Why don’t you go out and name the colors of the objects you see?

See you soon!

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