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Let’s learn about the most common pets in Brazil.

Hi guys! My name’s Igor and our Video Dica today is about…Pets. Let’s see the five most common pets in Brazil. So, repeat after me!

O cachorro
O gato
O papagaio (louro)
O coelho
O peixe
The Dog
The cat
The parrot
The rabbit
The peixe

That’s it guys! Do you have any pets in your house? So, don’t forget to subscribe and see you next time!
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Animais de estimação comuns no Brasil. The dog. O cachorro.Common pets in Brazil. The cat. O gato.Common pets in Brazil. The parrot. O papagaio.Common pets in Brazil. The rabbit. O coelho.Animais de estimação comuns no Brasil. The fish. O peixe.

That’s all folks. Now you know what are the pets Brazilian people like.
See you next time!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro.

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