Confeitaria Colombo

Confeitaria Colombo. Portuguese students having fun at Confeitaria Colombo.

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 7,50 reais (metro ticket) + sweets

One of the most beautiful buildings in Rio de Janeiro is home to Confeitaria Colombo. Brazilian sweets, cakes as well as many traditional Portuguese desserts are found today in this place where you can not only enjoy delicious treats but also classical architecture. You can practice some common Portuguese vocabulary used at the table while indulging in some sweets. Try not to eat too much at lunch so there’s enough room in your belly, because the options are endless and you are surely going to enjoy it.

Colombo Confectionery has history which can be seen in the classical architecture, seeing as it was built in 1894 and had important people from the past, such as Brazilian presidents Getúlio Vargas and Juscelino Kubitschekwhom would go for afternoon coffee, friendly encounters and even important decision-making meetings.

Diverse and tasty sweets at Café Colombo in Rio

Having desserts at Confeitaria Colombo

Confeitaria Colombo has won awards for being the best establishment when it comes to sweets. In addition to traditional Portuguese sweets, the confectionery has expanded its menu with Brazilian sweets made with Amazonian fruits. It’s clearly a must-see landmark.

Confeitaria Colombo Hours

Colombo Confectionery is open almost every day during the office hours. As it’s located in Downtown Rio, the Confeitaria Colombo hours suit very well the people who work there. Here is the schedule:

Day of the weekOpening hourClosing hour

In this RioLIVE! Activity we will have a carioca-like afternoon, since it is a common activity for people to leave work and meet in the Confectionery, or at other establishment like Colombo bakery, to talk. As we said before, don’t eat too much at lunch and leave some room in your stomach to try the best sweets in Rio de Janeiro while practicing your Portuguese because there will be a lot of conversing.

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