Conhecendo o Parque Lage

Conhecendo o Parque Lage

Architecture, Arts and Nature in Parque Lage
Architecture, Arts and Nature in Parque Lage.

Rio and Learn, c’ est un tres bon moyen d’ apprendre le portugais agreablement et rapidement. L’ ecole propose diverses  activites les apres midi qui permettent de mettre en pratique ce qu’ on a appris durant les cours.

Olivia Jados, Belgium.
Having fun at Parque Lage
Having fun at Parque Lage.
In our RioLIVE! this Monday, we visited  Parque Henrique Lage best known as Parque Lage. This is not a very well known, but it’s marvelous. Full of history, Parque Lage started in 1811 and it has nice natural aspects combined with a mix of colonial architecture.
At this place is possible to enjoy nature with imperial palm trees, an aquarium made on the rocks, a fountain and beautiful gardens. Besides that, Parque Lage hosts EAV (Visual Arts School). So it is possible to enjoy a little bit of art. And the best part is that you can talk to the artists who are painting. It was a great afternoon to practice and know new words in Portuguese and also to have fun.
Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities!
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