Contact with Nature

Contact with Nature.

Contact with Nature.

Nous sommes alles hier apres midi nous promener au Parque Lage avec les eleves de Rio & Learn et les animateurs. Comme toujours tres sympthique. Je vais rarememt aux activites de R&L parce que j’ai beaucoup d’amis a Rio. Mais je regrette beaucoupcar cela vaut le coup. Merci!

Guy de Froment, France.

Yesterday we had a fun afternoon in contact with nature. The chosen place was Parque Lage, an amazing place that unites Colonial Architecture with nature and a beautiful view of Cristo Redentor. Our RioLIVE! started at the Palácio (palace), where today we can find the Escola de Artes Visuais (School of Visual Arts). For us to practice Portuguese and know each other better we went to a restaurant there and had a relaxing conversation in Portuguese for 30 minutes. It was a great way to get to know each other.

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Later, our challenge was to clear our way through nature. Parque Lage offers many spots to be in contact with nature such as the aquarium, the grotto, the tower, the corner of lovers and also the trail to Cristo Redentor. We had a great afternoon. It was an incredible day!

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Come meet Rio & Learn and participate on our RioLIVE! activities. You’ll have fun while you practice Portuguese.

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