Cooking Brazilian Food

Brazilian Cuisine Class. Students ready to eat moqueca.

Cooking Brazilian Food

Foreigners from around the world cooking Brazilian Food
Cooking Brazilian Food

Yesterday we talked Portuguese as we were cooking Brazilian food. We went to visit Simone, the excellent Brazilian chef in Cook in Rio and we learned how to prepare different dishes and caipirinhas, and a Moqueca de Peixe as a main dish.

As we were cooking Brazilian food, chef Simone was talking to our students about different aspects of Brazilian life. Our single students received some tips that how to make Brazilians to fall in love. We learned with our student Minoru (Nicknamed friendly as Minotauro) that Brazilians love to nickname everybody and that our students were gonna be gringos in Brazil all their lives. Gringos is how we, Brazilians, name foreigners, wherever they are from.

We cooked different Brazilian dishes with onions, so we cried a little bit, even that was fun. Our student Fidel from Venezuela had to use glasses as he couldn’t resist the onion crying atmosphere! Somebody did a joke as he was looking like the boss of the favela using sunglasses in a kitchen.

We learned with our student from France Remy that we can’t wear visible socks with short trousers if we want to look like a brazilian.

We had chefs talking Portuguese from Venezuela, Japan, UK, Switzerland, France, Holland and Philippines. Even we had a Russian spy 😉

Don’t you want to enjoy a day cooking Brazilian food??

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