Cooking in Brazil

Cooking in Brazil

Cooking in Brazil.
Cooking in Brazil.

I enjoyed the cooking class with Chef Simone! It was fun to use Brazilian ingredients to make caipirinhas and lots of tasty food. RioLIVE! is a great way to reinforce my very new Portuguese. Obrigada Pablo e Rio & Learn!

Anne Keeler, United States.

Last Friday our students spent the afternoon cooking in Brazil. We met Chef Simone to have a delicious Brazilian cuisine class. The main course on our menu was Moqueca. As a starter course we had flamed sausage and cheese curds with goiabada. Besides that, we had some caipirinhas with different mixed fruits.

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It was a great opportunity to get to know the cooking methods in the Brazilian cuisine. Our students had a lot of new vocabulary, especially spices. Simone talked to our students about the different cuisine they had in their countries (USA, England and Austria). We cooked a lot, and it was finally time to eat our lunch. It was simply delicious! What a great afternoon we had!

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