Cooking in Rio

Cooking in Rio

Cooking in Rio.
Cooking in Rio.

Gisteren werd er door RioLIVE! een braziliaanse kookworkshop georganiseerd.   Met een groep van 6 studenten leerden we een traditioneel 3-gangen menu maken. Dit bestond onder andere  uit  een geflambeerd voorgerecht en Moqueca als hoofdgerecht. Op een super leuke manier leerden we over de cultuur en de verschillende invloeden in braziliaanse keuken. Om te drinken konden natuurlijk zelfgemaakte caiparinhas niet ontbreken!

Tijmen Veldstra, Holland.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon cooking in Rio. We left the Portuguese class and headed to our Brazilian cooking class with chef Simone, at Cook in Rio. It was really interesting to talk about the cuisine from each country. Our students were from Germany, Chile, Switzerland, Holland and Colombia. Each person had the opportunity to talk, in Portuguese, about a typical dish from their country.
The menu was already chosen for us, all we needed to do was to prepare our lunch. As an appetizer we made Queijo Coalho with Guava jam, followed by caipirinhas. It was really interesting to learn how to flame food, and everyone had a great time with it. After that we started to prepare our main dish, a delicious Moqueca and farofa made with bananas. The aroma was incredible, but we needed to taste it to see if we were in fact good cooks. We gathered to eat and saw that we have a neck for cooking, because the food was delicious. It was a great lunch.
Come learn how to cook Brazilian food and speak Portuguese taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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