Cool Afternoon at Leme

Linda Tarde en Leme

I går var vi på Forte de Leme. Det var en fin gåtur langs Copacabana og opp til fortet. Det var veldig fin natur og utsikt.  Vi øvde på portugisisk, der jeg for det meste bare hørte på. Oppe på fortet var det apekatter vi tok bilde av. Det var en fin tur, i deilig temperatur.

Tone Jamtveit, Norway.

Cool Afternoon at Leme
Beautiful and happy people!

We had a cool afternoon at Leme visiting one of the best places of this neighborhood, Forte do leme. This is a military fort located up hill with great views of Copacabana and the Sugar Loaf for example, our students started with a small hike that leads to the top of the hill and there, they could enjoy this amazing place. We took pictures, talked about Rio de Janeiro, their experience here and interacted with the little monkeys there, everything in Portuguese!

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