Copacabana Beach volleyball

5 de April de 2022
Beach Volleyball at Copacabana and Funlearning!
Beach Volleyball at Copacabana and Funlearning!

Meeting 15:00h at Rio & Learn
Costs: You just pay for your drinks.

Hi everyone! Do you enjoy beach sports? Have you ever experienced how a usual afternoon goes down for lots of Cariocas? Well, Copacabana beach is absolutely the most perfect place for this! Beach volley is probably the most popular sport at Copacabana beach. Many cariocas like to play this sport at Copacabana beach. When people think about the beach the first things that come to mind are swimming, tanning, jogging or even running. Copacabana Beach volleyball is also a very healthy activity where you can meet and interact with other people besides practicing some Portuguese.

Copacabana Beach volleyball for free

The best part of this activity is that it is free, and you get to relax having some drinks with other students exchanging good, interesting and some enriching experiences after the match. What are you waiting for? Let’s be healthy together! Come with us and play a nice and friendly match with other students at Copacabana Beach!

After the game we will bathe in the ocean and chill, have a nice, relaxing conversation as we have some drinks to refresh! Sun, beach, fun, tanned skin and lots Portuguese! See you all there!

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Portuguese on the beach.
Portuguese on the beach.