O cotidiano dos brasileiros: Aqui na Rio & Learn, cotidiano é a diversão.

Do you know what the daily routine (cotidiano) of a Brazilian or for someone born in Rio is like?

Follow this amazing of Chico Buarque in the distinctive voice of Seu Jorge (click here to see the lyrics in Portuguese):


Every day she does the same thing.
She shakes me at six in the morning,
Smiles at me timely
And kisses me with her mint mouth.

Every day she says I’m to take care of myself,
And all those things that every woman says.
She says she’s waiting on me for dinner
And kisses me with her coffee mouth.

Every day I only think of how I can stop;
At Noon, I only think of saying no,
Then i think about life
“And close myself in with beans in my month”

At six in the evening, as was expected,
She waits for me at the door
She says she’s crazy to kiss me
and kiss me with her passion mouth.

Every night she tells me not to go away;
At midnight she swears about eternal love
And holds me so tightly that she almost suffocates me
And bites me with a mouth of fear.


Pr’eu – Para eu – For me
Pr’o – Para o – For
Sacode – Shakes
Sorriso – Smile
Pontual – Sharp
Boca – Mouth
Hortelã – Mint
Cuidar – Take care
Jantar – Dinner
Café – Coffee
Feijão – Beans
Beijar – To kiss
Sufocar – Suffocate
Morder – Bite
Pavor – Dread

Now it’s your turn!

And you? What is your daily routine?
What is the daily routine of your city or country like?
Share it with us!

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