Culture and flavor in a captivating class

Smiles and Pots: Unforgettable Class!

The culinary experience hosted today by “Cooking Together” was extraordinary! The whole experience uses all your senses; you indulge in the music, the colors of the food, the succulent taste, and the incredible story telling by the Chef. They take the time to walk you through the history and culture of Brazil. Everything from the preparation of the apetizers, the main dish, and the drinks was true to “Cooking Together”.

Joseph Macchiarella, Puerto Rico

Rainbow of Flavors: Brazilian Kitchen!

In a Brazilian cooking class, we lived through incredible moments of flavor, vibrant colors, and lots of laughter. The experience was more than just delicious; it was a captivating journey through the culture, history, and diversity of Brazil. Students not only fell in love with the dishes but also became enamored with the stories behind each ingredient. A genuine celebration of the culinary and cultural richness of our country!

Diversity on the Plate: Vibrant Brazil!

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Colors in the Kitchen: Shared Joy!

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