Culture and Nature at Dois Irmãos

Culture and Nature at Dois Irmãos

This was the best RioLIVE! ever! Taking the mini van up the hill of favela was an exciting adventure followed by the steep 2km long hike in a beautiful forest with occasional views to die for. And some nearly died or thought they would ?. But we all made it to the top in more or less an hour and we were rewarded with amazing views and a refreshing breeze. Talking about refreshments? There were some more on our way home in a nice local bar at Praça Vigidal. A day out that will be remembered forever. ???

Miroslava, Slovakia

This was a RioLIVE! of culture and nature at Dois Irmãos hill. We started by taking a van at the entrance of the favela Vidigal. There were 10 of us and exactly 10 seats available in the van, so we made it to the top of the favela together. The students were interested in seeing how the favela community works, so after leaving the van we went on short walk to beginning of the hike and got glimpse of how amazing the view is from up there. The challenge of the hike was totally worth it even during the walk because we were joined by marmoset monkeys at different points. And then, finally at the top, we could fully appreciate the beauty of the mountains and beaches of Rio de Janeiro. To wrap up our day of culture and nature at Dois Irmãos, we had some beers at a local bar in the Vidigal favela.

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