Greetings in Portuguese

10 de September de 2013

What’s up guys, are you ok? Today we are going to learn about some greetings in Portuguese!Β Are you ready to study more with us?

Examples of greetings in Portuguese

[one_half]- OlΓ‘, Bom dia!
Bom dia!

Boa tarde, senhora!
Boa tarde!

Boa noite a todos!
Boa noite!

– OlΓ‘, tudo bem?
Tudo Γ³timo. E vocΓͺ?
Estou bem. Obrigado!
– AtΓ© logo!
– AtΓ© logo!

– OlΓ‘, JosΓ©, boa noite!
Boa noite, Luiz!
– VocΓͺ vai viajar?
– Sim, vou viajar amanhΓ£. Vou para Fortaleza.
– Boa viagem!
– Obrigado!
– De nada![/one_half][one_half_last]
– Hello, good morning!
Good morning!

Good afternoon, lady!
Good afternoon!

Good evening,Β all!
Good evening!

– Hello, how are you?
Everything is great. And you?
I am fine. Thanks!
– Bye, bye! See you soon!
– See you soon!

– Hello, JosΓ©, good evening!
Good evening, Luiz!
– Are you going to travel?
– Yes, I am going to travel tomorrow. I am going toΒ Fortaleza.
– Have a nice trip!
– Thank you!
– You’re welcome![/one_half_last]

Now take a look at our video and practice the expressions your learned!

That’s it guys!Β Today, we have learned some greetings in Portuguese.
Bye, bye! Hugs from Rio de Janeiro.

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