Cute Portuguese Nicknames

Cute nicknames in Portuguese

Hello, sweeties!
Today we have a very romantic Dica for you. Do you know how to say cute in Portuguese slang? We are going to learn the cute Portuguese nicknames. We are going to start with a nice video to introduce you to some of the most usual cute nicknames in Portuguese, later on, we will see a list of neutral nicknames that we can use even for girls or boys and, we will learn which of them are masculine or feminine. To continue, we will focus on Portuguese nicknames for boyfriend and, we’ll continue with Portuguese nicknames for girlfriend, and all of them with pronunciation files to practice!!! We will finish with a dialogue and an exercise to be sure you have got everything! Let’s go, galera!!!

Cute Nicknames in Brazilian Portuguese

So, let’s see the cute nicknames in Portuguese that we, Brazilians, use the most. Listen and repeat:

How to Pronounce More Cute Nicknames in Portuguese

You won’t believe it, but most of our cute Brazilian nicknames can be used even for girlfriends or boyfriends. Anyway, each word has a genre, so we need to know which is the genre for each nickname. Yes, it may sound crazy, but we can name our girlfriend Meu amor and our boyfriend Meu amor, but since amor is a masculine word, we will use always meu. (Lucky you if you have both! But don’t worry we won’t say anything! ssshhhhhh!!!)

Another characteristic of these cute nicknames in Brazilian Portuguese is that in Brazil we love to use the possessive with them, so it will be so usual to listen to the nickname as meu/minha + the nickname. For example, you can say to your lover Bebê or meu Bebê, it is very, very common to use the possessive. Maybe we don’t like to share with others so much!!

See the main neutral cute nicknames in Portuguese:

(meu) Amor – (my) Love

(meu) Amorzinho – (my) Little love (diminutive from amor)

(meu) Mô – (my) Luv (shortened form of amor)

(meu) Mozão(my) Lovey (aumentative from mô)

(meu) Môzi – (my) Luv (shortened form of mozão)

(meu) Momozão – (my) Big lovey (aumentative from mozão)

(meu) Mozinho – (my) Little luv (aumentative from mô)

(meu) Momozinho – (my) Little luv (diminutive from mozinho)

(meu) Coração(my) Sweetheart

(meu) Bebê(my) Baby

(meu) Bebezinho – (my) Little baby (diminutive from bebê)

(meu) Bem – (my) Dear

(meu) Benzinho – (my) Little dear (diminutive from bem)

(meu) Anjo – (my) Angel

(meu) Anjinho – (my) Little angel (diminutive from anjo)

(meu) Doce – (my) Sweet

(meu) Docinho – (my) Sweetie (diminutive from doce)

(meu) Bombom – (my) bonbon / (my) chocolate

(meu) Bombonzinho – (my) Littel bonbon / (my) chocolate (diminutive from bombom)

(meu) Leãozinho – (my) Little lion (This cute Brazilian nickname can be used in the masculine form for women when they are angry or when their hair is messy.)

(meu) Tudo – (my) Everything

(meu) Mel – (my) Honey

(meu) Dengo – (my) Darling

(meu) Denguinho – (my) Little darling (diminutive from dengo)

(meu) Chamego – (my) Cuddle

(meu) Chameguinho – (my) Little cuddle (diminutive from chamego)

(meu) Sonho – (my) Dream

(meu) Xodó – (my) Sweetheart

(meu) Xodozinho – (my) Little sweetheart (diminutive from xodô)

(meu) Chuchuzinho – (my) cuttie pie

(minha) Vida – (my) Life

(minha) Vidinha – My everything (diminutive from vida)

(minha) Paixão – (my) Passion

Cute Brazilian Nickname Examples

Let’s see some examples!!!:

(meu) Amor – (my) Love

  • “Você é meu amor, sempre.”
  • “You are my love, always.”
Cute Nicknames in Brazilian Portuguese. Amor is love in Portuguese.

(meu) Amorzinho – (my) Little love

  • “Bom dia, meu amorzinho!”
  • “Good morning, my little love!”

(meu) Mô – (my) Luv

  • “Oi, mô! Saudades de você.”
  • “Hi, luv! I miss you.”

(meu) Mozão – (my) Lovey

  • “Meu mozão, você é o melhor.”
  • “My lovey, you are the best.”

(meu) Môzi – (my) Luv

  • “Oi, môzi! Como foi seu dia?”
  • “Hi, luv! How was your day?”

(meu) Momozão – (my) Big lovey

  • “Você é meu momozão querido.”
  • “You are my big lovey.”

(meu) Mozinho – (my) Little luv

  • “Meu mozinho, vamos sair hoje?”
  • “My little luv, shall we go out today?”

(meu) Momozinho – (my) Little luv

  • “Meu momozinho, eu adoro você.”
  • “My little luv, I adore you.”

(meu) Coração – (my) Sweetheart

  • “Você é meu coração.”
  • “You are my sweetheart.”

(meu) Bebê – (my) Baby

  • “Bom dia, meu bebê!”
  • “Good morning, my baby!”
Cute Nicknames in Portuguese: Bebê. Translation: Baby in Portuguese.

(meu) Bebezinho – (my) Little baby

  • “Meu bebezinho, você é tão fofo.”
  • “My little baby, you are so cute.”

(meu) Bem – (my) Dear

  • “Como você está, meu bem?”
  • “How are you, my dear?”

(meu) Benzinho – (my) Little dear

  • “Meu benzinho, eu te amo.”
  • “My little dear, I love you.”

(meu) Anjo – (my) Angel

  • “Você é meu anjo da guarda.”
  • “You are my guardian angel.”

(meu) Anjinho – (my) Little angel

  • “Meu anjinho, você ilumina meu dia.”
  • “My little angel, you light up my day.”

(meu) Doce – (my) Sweet

  • “Meu doce, você é incrível.”
  • “My sweet, you are amazing.”

(meu) Docinho – (my) Sweetie

  • “Meu docinho, vamos jantar juntos?”
  • “My sweetie, shall we have dinner together?”
Brazilian Portuguese cute nicknames for boyfriends and girlfriends. Sweetie in Portuguese: Docinho.

(meu) Bombom – (my) bonbon / (my) chocolate

  • “Você é meu bombom favorito.”
  • “You are my favorite bonbon.”

(meu) Bombonzinho – (my) Little bonbon / (my) chocolate

  • “Meu bombonzinho, você é um doce.”
  • “My little bonbon, you are a sweetie.”

(meu) Leãozinho – (my) Little lion

  • “Você está tão fofa quando fica brava, meu leãozinho.”
  • “You are so cute when angry, my little lion.”

(meu) Tudo – (my) Everything

  • “Você é meu tudo, sempre.”
  • “You are my everything, always.”

(meu) Mel – (my) Honey

  • “Oi, mel! Como você está?”
  • “Hi, honey! How are you?”

(meu) Dengo – (my) Darling

  • “Meu dengo, você é perfeito.”
  • “My darling, you are perfect.”

(meu) Denguinho – (my) Little darling

  • “Meu denguinho, eu te adoro.”
  • “My little darling, I adore you.”

(meu) Chamego – (my) Cuddle

  • “Eu adoro nosso chamego, meu amor.”
  • “I love our cuddles, my love.”

(meu) Chameguinho – (my) Little cuddle

  • “Meu chameguinho, vem cá.”
  • “My little cuddle, come here.”

(meu) Sonho – (my) Dream

  • “Você é meu sonho realizado.”
  • “You are my dream come true.”

(meu) Xodô – (my) Sweetheart

  • “Meu xodô, você é especial.”
  • “My sweetheart, you are special.”

(meu) Xodozinho – (my) Little sweetheart

  • “Meu xodozinho, você me faz feliz.”
  • “My little sweetheart, you make me happy.”

(meu) Chuchuzinho – (my) cutie pie

  • “Meu chuchuzinho, você é adorável.”
  • “My cutie pie, you are adorable.”
Portuguese nicknames for boyfriend and girlfirend. Cutie pie in Portuguese: Chuchuzinho

(minha) Vida – (my) Life

  • “Você é minha vida, meu amor.”
  • “You are my life, my love.”

(minha) Vidinha – My everything

  • “Minha vidinha, eu não vivo sem você.”
  • “My everything, I can’t live without you.”

(minha) Paixão – (my) Passion

  • “Você é minha paixão eterna.”
  • “You are my eternal passion.”

Portuguese Nicknames for Boyfriend

Are you the boyfriend’s kind? So check our Portuguese nicknames for boyfriend list, and don’t forget that you can always use the possessive meu before your lover’s nickname! My precious!!!

gatohandsome (or hottie)
gatinho (gato’s diminutive)cutie
fofinho (fofo’s diminutive)cutie pie
pretoblack (affectionate term)
pretinho (black diminutive)little black (affectionate term)
fofucho (fofo variation)sweetie
ursinholittle bear
cheirosogood-smelling (or sweet-smelling)

Examples of Portuguese Nicknames for Boyfriend

Let’s see an example for each of our Portuguese nicknames for boyfriend!:

  1. lindo (handsome)
    • “Oi, lindo! Como foi seu dia?”
    • “Hi, handsome! How was your day?”
  2. príncipe (prince)
    • “Você é meu príncipe encantado.”
    • “You are my charming prince.”
  3. querido (dear)
    • “Bom dia, querido! Dormiu bem?”
    • “Good morning, dear! Did you sleep well?”
  4. gato (handsome or hottie)
    • “Meu gato, você está incrível hoje.”
    • “My hottie, you look amazing today.”
  5. gatinho (cutie)
    • “Oi, gatinho! Saudades de você.”
    • “Hi, cutie! I miss you.”
  6. fofo (cute)
    • “Você é tão fofo quando sorri.”
    • “You are so cute when you smile.”
  7. fofinho (cutie pie)
    • “Meu fofinho, eu adoro seus abraços.”
    • “My cutie pie, I love your hugs.”
  8. leão (lion)
    • “Você é meu leão valente.”
    • “You are my brave lion.”
  9. preto (black – affectionate term)
    • “Preto, você quer sair hoje?”
    • “Black, do you want to go out today?”
  10. pretinho (little black – affectionate term)
    • “Oi, pretinho! Como você está?”
    • “Hi, little black! How are you?”
  11. fofucho (sweetie)
    • “Você é meu fofucho querido.”
    • “You are my sweetie.”
  12. ursinho (little bear)
    • “Boa noite, ursinho! Durma bem.”
    • “Good night, little bear! Sleep well.”
  13. cheiroso (good-smelling or sweet-smelling)
    • “Você sempre está tão cheiroso.”
    • “You always smell so good.”

Portuguese Nicknames for Girlfriend

And if you are more the girlfriend’s kind, don’t hesitate and use some of these Portuguese nicknames for girlfriend that we offer you. Don’t stop saying it to your Brazilian girlfriend, she will love it!!!

Portuguese NicknamePronunciationEnglish Translation
gatabeautiful (or hottie)
gatinha (gata’s diminutive)cutie
fofinha (fofa’s diminutive) cutie pie
onçajaguar (or fierce one)
florzinhalittle flower
pretablack (affectionate term)
pretinha (preta’s diminutive)little black (affectionate term)
ursinhalittle bear
cheirosagood-smelling (or sweet-smelling)
cremosacreamy (affectionate term)
Princess in Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese nicknames for girlfriend.

Examples of Portuguese Nicknames for Girlfriend

Now, here are examples with translations for each Portuguese nickname for girlfriend:

  1. linda (beautiful)
    • “Oi, linda! Como foi seu dia?”
    • “Hi, beautiful! How was your day?”
  2. princesa (princess)
    • “Você é minha princesa encantada.”
    • “You are my enchanted princess.”
  3. querida (dear)
    • “Bom dia, querida! Dormiu bem?”
    • “Good morning, dear! Did you sleep well?”
  4. gata (beautiful or hottie)
    • “Minha gata, você está maravilhosa hoje.”
    • “My beautiful, you look wonderful today.”
  5. gatinha (cutie)
    • “Oi, gatinha! Saudades de você.”
    • “Hi, cutie! I miss you.”
  6. fofa (cute)
    • “Você é tão fofa quando sorri.”
    • “You are so cute when you smile.”
  7. fofinha (cutie pie)
    • “Minha fofinha, eu adoro seus abraços.”
    • “My cutie pie, I love your hugs.”
  8. onça (jaguar or fierce one)
    • “Minha onça, você é tão corajosa.”
    • “My jaguar, you are so brave.”
  9. tigresa (tigress)
    • “Minha tigresa, você é uma guerreira.”
    • “My tigress, you are a warrior.”
  10. florzinha (little flower)
    • “Bom dia, minha florzinha!”
    • “Good morning, my little flower!”
  11. preta (black – affectionate term)
    • “Preta, você quer sair hoje?”
    • “Black, do you want to go out today?”
  12. pretinha (little black – affectionate term)
    • “Oi, pretinha! Como você está?”
    • “Hi, little black! How are you?”
  13. flor (flower)
    • “Você é minha flor preferida.”
    • “You are my favorite flower.”
  14. fofucha (sweetie)
    • “Você é minha fofucha querida.”
    • “You are my sweetie.”
  15. ursinha (little bear)
    • “Boa noite, ursinha! Durma bem.”
    • “Good night, little bear! Sleep well.”
  16. cheirosa (good-smelling or sweet-smelling)
    • “Você sempre está tão cheirosa.”
    • “You always smell so good.”
  17. cremosa (creamy – affectionate term)
    • “Minha cremosa, você é um doce.”
    • “My creamy, you are a sweetie.”

(minha) Princesa(my) Princess


Dialogue with love nicknames in Portuguese

Some of them are funny, aren’t they? Now that we already know the Portuguese nicknames for boyfriend and girlfriend, let’s read a dialogue between Diogo and his girlfriend and see how to use these love nicknames in a conversation:

Diogo: Oi ! Tudo bem?
Jéssica: Oi mozão. Tudo sim!
Diogo: E aí, gata! Está afim de ir ao cinema hoje, princesa?
Jéssica: Claro! Que filme vamos ver?
Diogo: Não sei, gata! Você escolhe o filme!
Jéssica: Então decidimos quando chegarmos lá.
Diogo: Perfeito então, meu chuchuzinho! Até mais tarde!
Jéssica: Até mais lindo!


Translation of the dialogue

Diogo: Hi luv! How are you?
Jéssica: Hi lovey. I’m fine!
Diogo: What’s up, kitten! How about going to the movies today, princess?
Jéssica: Sure! What movie are we watching?
Diogo: I don’t know, kitten! You choose it!
Jéssica: So we decide when we get there.
Diogo: Perfect then, my cutie pie. See you later!
Jéssica: See you, handsome!

Diogo calls his girlfriend to say some Brazilian cute nicknames.
Diogo calls his girlfriend to say some Brazilian cute nicknames.

Exercise to learn cute Portuguese nicknames: Choose the right nickname

So let’s practice our nicknames!

Below are sentences describing various people. For each sentence, choose the most appropriate nickname from the options given. (You can find the answers at the end of this Dica.)

  1. Maria always brightens up the room with her cheerful attitude and warmth. She is truly a…
    • A) Estrelinha
    • B) Tesouro
    • C) Solzinho
  2. João is always ready with a hug and a kind word. His friends call him their…
    • A) Bombom
    • B) Fofo(a)
    • C) Pérola
  3. Lucas, with his quick wit and playful jokes, is definitely the… in the group.
    • A) Palhaço
    • B) Passarinho(a)
    • C) Risadinha
  4. Every time Ana walks into a room, she looks so stunning that everyone calls her…
    • A) Florzinha
    • B) Joia
    • C) Gatinha
  5. Pedro has a gentle soul and always thinks of others first, making him a real…
    • A) Anjo
    • B) Leãozinho(a)
    • C) Tesouro

That’s it guys. Now we know how to use Portuguese nicknames for boyfriend or girlfriend, you choose! So, try using some of these with your partners and you’ll see that they will love it!
We already know how to say cute in Portuguese slang. Well, stay with us and don’t miss our next Video Dica.

Bye bye!
Kisses from Rio & Learn, you gorgeous!

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  1. C) Solzinho
  2. B) Fofo(a)
  3. A) Palhaço
  4. C) Gatinha
  5. A) Anjo

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