Dance in Rio Carnival

Meeting: 21:30 at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 900 reais

The Samba Schools Parade is the most famous thing of the Brazilian Carnival. Do you want to Dance in Rio Carnival? Sounds good doesn’t it? Rio & Learn can take you to this amazing party and you will be able to see, enjoy and take part of this whole event.

Sambódromo is formed by a great avenue surrounded by bleachers where people can watch the parades every year. Projected by Oscar Niemeyer, it was officially opened on August 1st, 1984. In the past, schools used to march at Rio Branco Avenue at the center of the city, but then the government had the idea of building a special place for the samba schools to make their show. Nowadays this is a symbol of Brazilian Carnival and it attracts people from all over Rio, Brazil and the world to watch the show.

In this RioLIVE! Weekend you will not only see but will be part of the parade. You will have the opportunity of marching through Sambódromo with a real carioca samba school. A moment to remember in everyone’s life. A moment that you will dance in Rio Carnival.

Dance in Rio Carnival

What about having this amazing experience of marching Sambódromo?

Come and join us!