Dancing at Feira

28 de September de 2015

Dancing at Feira

Portuguese students at Feira de S茫o Crist贸v茫o.
Portuguese students at Feira de S茫o Crist贸v茫o.

This past Friday, we went to Feira de S茫o Crist贸v茫o. It was a really good experience and I had a lot of fun. The stadium was huge and had a large variety of stores and events and music. We tried some traditional food from the NorthEast with was super delicious, and full of a lot of meat. After eating, we took a couple of photos with a cow costume and then danced at one of the live dance venues. Pablo and Tatiana were teaching us how to dance and then I learned some more from a Brasileiro. It was great to experience NorthEastern culture, especially here in the south eastern part of the country.

Yan茅e Ferrari, United States.
Dancing forr贸 at Feira de S茫o Crist贸v茫o.
Dancing forr贸 at Feira de S茫o Crist贸v茫o.

What about having a nice evening with a lot of Forr贸 and typical food from Northeast? So, in our RioLIVE! last Friday we had all that and also practiced Portuguese. We arrive at Feira de S茫o Crist贸v茫o and walked through small soters getting to know a little of the handcraft and northeastern cuisine. Portuguese students bought some souvenirs to their families.

After this, we went to the restaurant Barraca da Chiquita, where we ate coalho cheese, Bai茫o de dois, Feij茫o tropeiro, fried cassava and corned beef. We eat a lot. Besides the food, I couldn’t miss the traditional caipirinha. During dinner we made a comparison between the northeastern and Rio’s cuisine.
To finish our evening we were watching a forr贸 show. We danced a lot to this music, even those who could not dance quickly learned the basic steps and soon everyone was dancing. It was a very fun night and the students learned lots about the culture,聽northeastern cuisine and music while聽practicing Portuguese.
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