Dancing Forró

Dancing forró

After dancing forró with the teacher.
After dancing forró with the teacher.

We went to a Forro class to learn some of the (very) basic steps of the dance. It was a bit initimidating at first because we had never done it before but the teacher was very patient and we left the class with all of our toes intact! By the end we could do some of the basic steps albeit very slowly. We look forward to practicing a bit more in Sao Cristovao this weekend!

Meenie Ramachandran, England


 Forró is one of the most popular dancing rhythms in Brazil. But dancing forró is more popular and traditional in the northeast of the country in states such as: Paraíba, Pernambuco and Ceará, originally brought from Europe with the English business people, it was first named “for all”, with time the name and rhythm adapted to the Brazilian style.

Forró is also very popular at the Festas Juninas , also very tradiotional parties at the northeast of Brazil celebrated during the whole month of june.

Our students from England, Iceland, Spain and Switzerland  had the opportunity to try how to dance forró. In the begining they were a little bit shy but wih tme and the steps taught by their awesome teacher, they could get loosen. After practicing new steps and dancing with each other, they think they can try dancing forró in a bigger place, at Feira de São Cristóvão for example.

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