Dancing samba at Salgueiro

Dancing samba at Salgueiro

Dancing samba at Salgueiro
Dancing samba at Salgueiro.

Our trip to salgeiro was an unforgettable experience.  We danced the night away (and drank a few too many caipirinhas) in a samba school and it was definitely an authentic Brazilian experience.  The folks at the school were friendly and welcoming and you do not need to know samba to attend (you can really dance however you like – mainly the performers danced samba, but most of the attendees were free dancing).   Pablo had a lot of energy and made sure that everyone was enoying the experience.

Nick Irwin, United States.

On last saturday we had a wonderful evening Dancing samba at Salgueiro. Our students had the opportunity to know a little more of Rio‘s carnival culture. The evening began with dancers show and our students, especially boys, were very happy to take pictures with these dancers.

SAM_1221 Rio & Learn SAM_1223 Rio & Learn SAM_1224 Rio & Learn SAM_1229 Rio & Learn SAM_1231 Rio & Learn SAM_1236 Rio & Learn SAM_1238 Rio & Learn

After this presentation, the Salgueiro’s singers started a lively competition to decide the best song that will be used in the next Carnival. It was really fun, because our students participated in the competition. Each team had their flags and distributed to the participants. We danced and had a great time there. The more we drank caipirinhas, we danced more.

SAM_1226 Rio & Learn SAM_1227 Rio & Learn SAM_1233 Rio & Learn SAM_1235 Rio & Learn SAM_1237 Rio & Learn SAM_1242 Rio & Learn SAM_1243 Rio & Learn SAM_1246 Rio & Learn SAM_1247 Rio & Learn SAM_1250 Rio & Learn SAM_1254 Rio & Learn

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