Dancing with Capoeira

Los nuevos capoeiristas de la Rio & Lear
Dancing with Capoeira.
The new Capoeiristas of Rio & Learn!

Капоэйира- это не только танец или вид единоборства , но часть культуры и наследия Бразилии. Было огромное удовольствие посетить одну из лучших школ капоэйры в Рио , ознакомиться с историей , понять и попробовать jogar capoeira с одним из лучших преподавателей capoeira в мире , – mestre Tony . Кроме того , рядом со школой находится католическая церковь невероятной красоты внутри .

Nikolay Gabdulin, Russia.

Dancing with Capoeira.
They know how to do a good Roda de Capoeira.

Everyday you can spend the afternoon doing a RioLIVE! At this time our Portuguese students spent it dancing with capoeira. A very traditional Brazilian martial art that mixes, music, dancing, Brazilian culture. As Capoeira is very physical, they started doing some streching exercises, after that our host Mestre Toni, explained a little bit about how dancing with capoeira is, its history, culture, music and techniques that are around this art.

They were really surprised how diversed Capoeira can be. They could learn the name of the instruments, play them, doing the movements and singing songs, it was really like dancing with Capoeira. Take a look at the video below:

You can see more of this activity on our Facebook page:

Come to Rio & Learn and have this amazing experience!

See on the links and the videos on them, how our day will be 😉

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