Example of dates in Portuguese: Eu nasci em 9 de janeiro de 1987.

Hello friends! Ready to learn more Portuguese? What date is it today? Do you know how to write the date in Portuguese? If the answer is no, don’t worry. In today’s Dica we will teach you the Dates in Portuguese!

About dates in Portuguese

Differently from American English, when talking about dates in Portuguese we say the day first, then the month and finally the year. We can say the full date or just a part of it (day and month). This way, when we simplify the dates to make it shorter we follow the order: DAY/MONTH/YEAR.

We usually say the number of the day using the cardinal numbers. The only exception is the number 01 (primeiro), that we usually use in the ordinal form. To talk about the months, we usually say their names.

And what about the years? To talk about the years you can say the complete number or only the last two if the year is before 2000. Take a look at the example:

Ele nasceu em 1978. Ele nasceu em 78.
He was born in 1978. He was born in 78.

Months and years are neutral words in Portuguese, that’s why we use the prepositions em and de when we talk about dates. Pay attention because the months and years are neutral we use these prepositions without articles.

We also always use the preposition em to talk about a month or a year separately, in other words, without the full date.  Em will also be used before days and before months in short answers.

Have a look at the example:

Eu nasci no dia 01 (primeiro) de Outubro de 1992.
I was born on October first of 1992.

I used the preposition em + the masculine article o because it’s is referring to the word dia (masculine word) and then I used the preposition de to talk about the month and year.

To talk about dates in Portuguese we also need to know the days of the week, the months and how to say big numbers in Portuguese to talk about the years! Take a look at this vocabulary list to help you!

Vocabulary List

Segunda-feira Monday
Terça-feira Tuesday
Quarta-feira Wednesday
Quinta-feira Thursday
Sexta-feira Friday
Sábado Saturday
Domingo Sunday
Janeiro January
Fevereiro February
 Março  March
 Abril  April
 Maio  May
 Junho  June
 Julho  July
 Agosto  August
 Setembro  September
 Outubro  October
 Novembro  November
Dezembro  December 

Now, let’s watch this video to learn how to say the dates in Portuguese. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on.

Examples with dates in Portuguese

Ele fez o CELPE-Bras em Fevereiro.
He did the CELPE-Bras in February. 

Eu fiz meu visto de estudante para o Brasil em 2012.
I did my student visa for Brazil in 2012.

A: Quando ela nasceu?
B: Ela nasceu no dia 2 de agosto de 1993.

A: When was she born?
B: She was born on August 2nd, 1993.

A: Quando é a Páscoa?
B: É em abril.

A: When is Easter?
B: It’s in April.

De will be used before months and before years in full dates.

Examples with complete dates in Portuguese

A: Quando ela nasceu?
B: Ela nasceu em agosto de 1992.

A: When was she born?
B: She was born in August, 1992.

A: Quando é o dia da Independência do Brasil?
B: É no dia 7 de setembro.

A: When is the Brazilian Independence Day?
B: It’s on September 7th.

Take a look at our examples and let’s practice!

Example of dates in Portuguese: Eu tiro férias no dia 11 de junho.

Luana: Moisés, quando você vai tirar férias?
Moisés: Ah, Luana…só no dia 11 de junho!
Luana: Nossa, tá longe hein!

Luana: Moisés, when will you take your vacation?
Moisés: Oh Luana…only on June 11th.
Luana: Gosh! That’s a long way away!

Example of dates in Portuguese: O Carnaval é em fevereiro.

Juan: Luana, quando é o Carnaval?
Luana: É em fevereiro.
Juan: Mal posso esperar pra sambar!

Juan: When is Carnival celebrated?
Luana: In February.
Juan: I can’t wait to samba!

Let’s take a look at another dialogue:

Kurt: Quando você nasceu?
Diogo: Em
9 de janeiro de 1987.
Kurt: Sério?! Eu também!

Kurt: When were you born?
Diogo: On
January 9th, 1987.

Kurt: Really? Me too!

Now that you know the dates in Portuguese, it’s your turn to practice! Quando você nasceu? Qual é a data mais importante no seu país?

How to write the date in Portuguese? 

Wait! Before you leave, let’s do an exercise for you to write the dates in Portuguese and practice a bit more! What do you have to do? Here there are some dates written in numbers and you have to write them using complete words.

  1. 01/10/1992.
  2. 12/12/1996.
  3. 25/09/1987.
  4. 04/02/2010.
  5. 10/03/1993.
  6. 18/07/1993.
  7. 30/06/1986.
  8. 27/01/2019.
  9. 09/05/2034.
  10. 03/02/2018.

Now you’re ready to start writing dates in Portuguese! I hope you enjoyed our video and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

See you soon! Bye!

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Answers of dates in Portuguese exercise

  1. 01/10/1992. Primeiro de Outubro de mil novecentos e noventa e dois. 
  2. 12/12/1996. Doze de Dezembro de mil novecentos e noventa e seis.
  3. 25/09/1987. Vinte e cinco de Setembro de mil novecentos e oitenta e sete.
  4. 04/02/2010. Quatro de Fevereiro de dois mil e dez.
  5. 10/03/1993. Dez de Março de mil novecentos e noventa e três.
  6. 18/07/1893. Dezoito de Julho de mil oitocentos e noventa e três.
  7. 30/06/1986. Trinta de Junho de mil novecentos e oitenta e seis. 
  8. 27/01/2019. Vinte e sente de Janeiro de dois mil e dezenove.
  9. 09/05/2034. Nove de Maio de dois mil e trinta e quatro.
  10. 03/02/2018. Três de Fevereiro de dois mil e dezoito.