Delicious moment in Santa Teresa

Vistas desde lo alto del Parque de las Ruinas en Santa Teresa con nuestros alumnos de Rio & Learn.

La visite de Santa Teresa était super intéressante et ludique. Nous avons commencer par manger la feijoada typique dans un restaurant atypique du quartier. La visite du parc des ruines fût une très belle découverte et la vue est juste magnifique. Ensuite, nous nous sommes rendu en bas du quartier pour contempler les fameux escaliers Selarón. Une journée innoubliable de mon séjour ici a Rio et cela tout en pratiquant le Portugais.

David Baudois, Switzerland

We explored everything Santa Teresa has to offer on our RioLIVE! last Friday. As you have seen, we started our activity riding the Santa Teresa Tram that took us to a delicious moment. What could be a delicious moment in Santa Teresa? The answers is only one word: Feijoada.

Delicious moment in Santa teresa: Feijoada.
Delicious moment in Santa Teresa: Feijoada.

Yes, we ate everything you can see on that table. And after this delicious Feijoada we visited the fantastic streets of neighborhood. From Parque das Ruinas to Escadaria Selarón, our afternoon was over in the blink of an eye. We are counting the days to go to Santa Teresa.

Take a look at our photos on our Facebook and get ready to join us next time:

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So many colors at Escadaria Selarón. Students at Selarón Stairs
So many colors at Escadaria Selarón

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