Demais meaning

21 de December de 2020

Hey you! Ready to learn Portuguese today? We have a new free Portuguese lesson for foreigners! Let’s learn the word demais meaning, and also the meanings of legal demais and lindo demais!

What is the meaning of demais?

Basically demais means too much, or a lot, but it can also have other meanings depending on the context. Demais, as one word, is an intensity adverb. That is, the word changes the meaning of a verb, adjective or another adverb giving more intensity to it. If you want to learn more adverbs in Portuguese click here. Now let’s learn how to use it with some examples:

Os professores da Rio and Learn são demais!
Rio and Learn teachers are awesome!

Você trabalha demais.
You work too much. 

Agora é tarde demais.
Now it’s too late.

Demais can also be a indefinite pronoun, and in this sense it’ll mean others or the rest. Here we’ll use it with the article os, and it’s always going to be plural. Take a look:

Preciso falar com você, os demais podem sair.
I need to talk to you, the others can leave.

Eu vou para a China e demais países.
I am going to China and other countries.

Os demais estudantes já foram almoçar.
The other students have already gone to lunch.

Lindo demais meaning

It’s very common to hear someone saying that something is lindo demais, or legal demais. But what is the meaning of lindo demais? It means that is veeery beautiful or cool (legal). Let’s see how we use it:

O Rio é lindo demais.
Rio is very beautiful.

Nossas aulas de Português são legais demais.
Our Portuguese classes are very cool!

Now you also know the meaning of legal demais, which you’ve probably heard before!

De mais in Portuguese

De mais, separated, is an adjective phrase (locução adjetiva), these are two words that go together and have the the function of an adjective. What is the function of an adjective? It gives a quality, characteristic or aspect to a noun. The word de mais transmits quantity. Let’s learn how to use it:

Ele comeu comida de mais e agora se sente mal.
He ate too much food and now he feels bad.

Nós compramos roupas de mais.
We bought too many clothes.

Minha caipirinha tem açúcar de mais.
My caipirinha has too much sugar.

Now it’s your turn!

Let’s practice the word demais and it’s meaning, and see if you got it. Complete the sentences with the correct word. If you get confused remember this:

Demais – intensity of quantity. It can be replaced by muito (very), and it’s the opposite of pouco (little).
De mais – quantity. It can be replaced by a mais, and it’s the opposite of a menos.

  1. Você fala alto _______!
  2. Essa cantora é _______.
  3. Eu fui mal na prova, os _______foram bem.
  4. Eles tem trabalho _______ para hoje.
  5. Ele tem dinheiro _______ e tempo de menos.
  6. Vocês dois podem ir, os _______ficam.
  7. Feijoada é bom _______!
  8. É incrível _______ficar contigo.
  9. Ela aprendeu português rápido _______.
  10. Hoje está quente _______.

Do you think Rio is beautiful demais? Come see some great pictures in our Instagram!

Now you know how to use the word demais in Portuguese! Hope you liked today’s Dica.

See you in the next one! Bye bye!


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  1. Você fala alto demais!
  2. Essa cantora é demais.
  3. Eu fui mal na prova, os demais foram bem.
  4. Eles tem trabalho de mais para hoje.
  5. Ele tem dinheiro de mais e tempo de menos.
  6. Vocês dois podem ir, os demais ficam.
  7. Feijoada é bom demais!
  8. É incrível demais ficar contigo.
  9. Ela aprendeu português rápido demais.
  10. Hoje está quente demais.