Different ways to call the waiter in Brazil

19 de October de 2015

Different ways to call the waiter in Brazil

Hi there! Ourย Video Dica is about something we can’t remain without in a restaurant.

Listen to the different ways to call the waiter in Brazil, our great friend!

Hi guys!

My name is Igor and today and today we are going to see different ways to call the waiter.


– Desculpe, garรงom!
– I’m sorry, waiter!

– Com licenรงa!
– Excuse me!

– Por favor!
– Please!


–ย Oi!
– Hi!

– Amigo!
– Buddy!

– Francisco (nome dele)
– Francisco (His name)

– Psiu!
– Psiu!

–ย EeluEelUlLueEย (qualquer som engraรงado)
–ย EeluEelUlLueEย (any funny sound)


That’s it guys
I hope you liked, and don’t forget, the best way to call the waiter is also the most polite. And if possible, call them by their names. You’ll get a great service.

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Bye bye



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