Discovering a New Rythm

Descubriendo un nuevo ritmo en la Rio & Learn, el forró.

I’m no dancer but after the lesson I didn’t want to stop! Forró is a simple and fun style and the teacher was so encouraging. I’m so glad I did it!

Fabio Ribeiro Brady, United Kingdom.

Discovering a New Rythm
Learning basic Forró steps.

You are able to discover new things visiting and studying in Rio de Janeiro. Discovering a new rythm is one of them, our Portuguese students learnt a little bit about Forró. A traditional rythm from the northeast of Brazil but very popular in Rio too. With the guidance of their patient and energitc instructor, they performed the steps perfectlly and managed how to dance it really well. See more on the video below:

They are very good, aren’t they? They are totally ready to dance at the forró parties all over the city and at Feira de São Cristóvão next Friday.

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Discoveing a new rythm
Mission accomplished!

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