Discovering Capoeira

Descubriendo la Capoeira con el Grupo Senzala de Brasil.

Capoeira was an excellent experience! I learnt a lot about the music, history and people of Capoeira in this awesome class. Besides, I was able to improve even more my Portuguese skills, mainly vocabulary, listening and speaking. That was a great RioLIVE! Activity and I would recommend it to everyone!

Samuel Kolawole, England

Discovering Capoeira
Let’s gingar and play Capoeira!

Visiting Rio de Janeiro allows you to discover many things, our Portuguese students spent the afternoon discovering capoeira. They were really beginners, it was the first time for all of them, but they could absorve a lot in this firts class. Capoeira is a Brazilian mixture of dancing and martial art at the same time. And that was the most interesting part for them, the idea of practicing this physical activity dancing, singing, playing instruments and learning how to punch and kick along with this art. Even tired at the end of the class, they also were really curious to learn more about its history and asked  their instructor, many questions practicing even more their Portuguese skills.

You can see more of our Capoeira class on video below:

And you can see more of this adventure discovering capoeira on our Facebook page:

See on the links and the videos on them, how our day will be 😉

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Discovering Capoeira
Learning how to play berimbau.

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