Diving into the world of Forró

Learning forró in Brazil.

Me gustó mucho poder aprender a bailar los pasos basicos de forro y a la vez conocer la cultura del noreste. El profesor Castro lo enseño super bien y con mucha energía. Ya estamos listos para ir a la Feira de San Cristóbal este viernes e integrarnos bailando!

Irene Seebacher, Spain

Forró in Rio de Janeiro

The Portuguese language students recently delved into the vibrant world of Forró for the first time, transforming their hesitation into laughter-filled steps on the dance floor. Guided by an enthusiastic instructor, they embraced the pulsating rhythm and close partner connection, discovering the joy of this Brazilian dance form. Laughter echoed throughout the room as they navigated the beats, swiftly progressing from tentative movements to confident twirls. Beyond language barriers, they found common ground in the universal language of dance, fostering camaraderie and creating cherished memories. It was more than a dance class; it was a cultural celebration that ignited a newfound passion for rhythm and camaraderie among the students.

Forró com amigos.

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