Dois Irmãos is ours!

Gestern habe ich mit meinem Professor Diogo einen Ausflug auf den Berg von den 2 Brüdern gemacht. Ich muss sagen dieser Ausflug hat sich mehr als gelohnt. Die Sicht über die Stadt war wunderschön und unvergesslich. Fuer mich war dies der beste Ausblick, den ich bis jetzt über Rio hatte!

Maximilian Duenschede, Germany

Dois Irmãos is ours!
Our squad at this time!

Dois Irmãos is ours! That was the feeling that we had visiting this beautiful place with our RioLIVE! at this time. Our Portuguese students had the chance to visit one of the most popular places in Rio de Janeiro, Dois Irmãos hike. They were so motivated that could made to the top faster than they even thought, amazed by the views and vibes that one can feel up there. After visiting the mountain, they also found some time to take some drinks at Vidigal, know each other better and practice their Portuguese!

Dois Irmãos is ours!
Simply amazing!

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