Doubling your solidarity

Rio & Learn was born with the aim of creating a better world by helping people from different cultures to communicate better with one another. The best way to avoid conflicts, small or large, between people is through good communication and empathy.
Rio & Learn is a Brazilian company, a country that unfortunately still has many social and economic differences among its population. And as a company born in Brazil, we feel we should contribute much more socially. We also try to present our students from other countries with the opportunity to contribute with solidarity.

Doubling you solidarity. Foreigners students helping people from different cultures.

So we created the initiative Doubling Your Solidarity. The concept is simple.  When you buy your course with Rio & Learn you can make a small contribution of 5 reais towards projects that improve child education in Brazil.

If you donate 5 reais (about 2 euros or 2.5 U.S. dollars), similar to the price of a coffee in your country, we pledge to double the donation to 10 reais for the project.

Each year we will announce the project which we’ve worked on through our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google +), so you can see what we have achieved together.

We ask you to help us with your contribution of solidarity and we will double your solidarity.

Thanks for helping to make small changes in the world.

Rio & Learn, learn and change the World