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Rio centro walking tour.

Rio centro walking tour.

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 5,00  reais (Metro)

Have you heard about the Rio centro walking tour? What do you say we nourish our minds with some culture? Rio de Janeiro is best known for its natural beauties, warm weather, night life and its amazing people. While it is all true, Rio has much more to offer. Our city once served as the provisional home for the Portuguese royal family, and for many years was the capital of Brazil. This RioLIVE! Activity will take you to Rio Historic Centre, where you can learn all that and more!

Rio Historic Centre is also the financial heart of the city. This place is not very residential, since the skyscrapers are filled with companies and offices. It is the work central of Rio. The Historical Centre of Rio de Janeiro shelters old and new constructions. It’s a very nice opportunity for the students to see the city’s day by day routine.

Rio Historic Centre hosts some of the most interesting buildings. Let’s take a walk around this area and do some sightseeing of the best buildings as we learn Portuguese language words around this neighborhood. We will see buildings like Igreja da Candelária, CCBB, Centro Cultural dos Correios, Praça XV, Paço Imperial and then Avenida Rio Branco and Uruguaiana’s Market. Subjects as Dia do Fico, Lei Áurea and the end of slavery will be discussed in this cultural walk. This is the perfect moment for History lovers, because we will learn a big part of the Brazilian history as a colony, speak Portuguese and apply what we learned in class. And last but not least, we will have a very typical “happy hour”, extremely popular among cariocas. So? What do you say? Shall we explore this city together? Grab your camera and some comfy shoes and let’s go! beleza?

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They know how to have fun!

They know how to have fun!

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