Drink snake cachaça in Lapa

Estudiantes bebiendo cachaça de serpiente en Lapa.

Lapa jest zdecydowanie dobrym miejscem na zapoznanie się z kulturą brazylijską. Nieustanna muzyka, radość obecnych tam ludzi bardzo dobrze wpłynie na wasz nastrój.

Beata Ciesielska, Poland

Students at Arcos da Lapa.
Students at Arcos da Lapa.

To enjoy our Friday night, the students went to Lapa. With RioLIVE! we got to know some places there, ate pizza, but the best part was going to Bar da cachaça. The students wanted to drink snake cachaça in Lapa to feel the energy of the place. And so we did. They really liked to drink snake cachaça in Lapa and dance to Brazilian music.

Students want to Drink snake cachaça in Lapa.
Students want to Drink snake cachaça.

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