Eles estão bebendo cerveja na Lapa. A Dica do Dia - Learn Portuguese for free

Hello friends from Dica! Today we’ll talk about another topic from the restaurant vocabulary: Drinks in Portuguese.

In our latest vídeo Dicas, we learned the restaurant vocabulary and the types of restaurants in Brazil.

With this vídeo Dica, you will learn the drinks that you can order at the restaurant.

Drinks in Portuguese

Bebidas em Português: A CerverjaBebidas em Português: A caipirinhaDrinks in Portuguese: A Cerveja (beer): O Vinho (wine) Drinks in Portuguese: A Cerveja (beer): Os refrigerantes (soda)Drinks in Portuguese: O café Drinks in Portuguese: O capuccinoDrinks in Portuguese: A vodkaDrinks in Portuguese: O uísqueDrinks in Portuguese: A água tônicaDrinks in Portuguese: O chá - A Dica do Dia - Learn Brazilian Portuguese freeDrinks in Portuguese: A águaDrinks in Portuguese: O leiteDrinks in Portuguese: O gimBebidas em Português: A água de cocoO champanhe - A champanha. Drinks in Portuguese - A Dica do Dia - Aprenda Português grátisDrinks in Portuguese: Os sucos de laranja, de manga, de maracujá, de abacaxi, de morango (The juices: orange, mango, passion fruit, pinapple, strawberry)

Let’s listen the pronunciation of some of these drinks we have just learned and answer a couple questions:

Practice a little bit more

What about you country? What are the typical drinks you have?
Are there specific drinks for different seasons of the year?

Today we learned the drinks in Portuguese that we can order in restaurants.
In our next video Dica , we’ll talk about types of payments in Portuguese .
See you next Dica . Bye Bye!

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