Example about drinks in Portuguese: Eles estão bebendo cerveja na Lapa.

Hello friends! Today we’ll talk about a topic that I’m sure you’ll love: Drinks in Portuguese.

Drinks in Portuguese

In our last vídeo Dica, we learned some restaurant vocabulary and the types of restaurants in Brazil. With this vídeo Dica, you will learn the drinks that you can order at the restaurant.

Now is the time to talk about our amazing drinks.. Are you thinking the same as me? CAIPIRINHA!

Beer. A CervejaExample of drinks in Portuguese: A caipirinhaWine. O vinho. Example of drinks in Portuguese: Os refrigerantes.Coffee. O café Example of drinks in Portuguese: O capuccino.Example of drinks in Portuguese: A vodka.Example of drinks in Portuguese: O uísque.Example of drinks in Portuguese: A água tônicaTea. O chá.Example of drinks in Portuguese: a água.Example of drinks in Portuguese: o leite.Example of drinks in Portuguese: o gim.Example of drinks in portuguese: a água de coco.Example of drinks in Portuguese: o champanhe, a champanha.Example of drinks in portuguese: the juices. Os sucos de laranja, de manga, de maracujá, de abacaxi, de morango. Orange juice, mango juice, passion fruit juice, pineapple juice, strawberry juice.

Vocabulary list

A cerveja Beer
A caipirinha Caipirinha
O vinho Wine
Os refrigerantes Soda
O café Coffee
O capuccino Cappuccino
A vodka Vodka
O uísque Whisky
A água tônica Tonic water
O chá Tea
A água Water
O leite Milk 
O gim Gin
A água de coco Coconut water
O champanhe/ a champanha Champagne
O suco de laranja Orange juice
O suco de manga Mango juice
O suco de maracujá Passion fruit juice
O suco de abacaxi Pineapple juice
O suco de morango Strawberry juice

If you don’t know what caipirinha is, you really should learn, Caipirinha is a national symbol! And if you want to learn how to make one, we teach you here.

Drinks in Portuguese pronunciation

Let’s listen to the pronunciation of some of these drinks we have just learned and answer a couple questions:

What about you country? What are the typical drinks you have?
Are there specific drinks for different seasons of the year?

Have you ever thought about drinking a beer while studying? If you study Portuguese in Brazil with us, you’ll see that sometimes a fresh coconut water or a cold beer can help you learn more!

A game about drinks in Portuguese

Before you leave, let’s play a game to make sure that you can order your favorite drinks in Portuguese.

So, what was your score? Do you already know everything about these drinks or do you still have to practice a little bit more? A great way to practice it is going out and ordering a drink.
Let’s drink a caipirinha?
See you next Dica. Bye Bye!

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