E Você in Portuguese

5 de April de 2021

How to Use E Você in Portuguese

I love learning PortugueseE você? Nothing too cryptic about that, right? So using e você in Portuguese is fairly simple. And trust me when I say this: Brazilians love to abuse it. Why put effort into talking to other people when you can just answer “and you?” or “what about you?” to everything? I’m just kidding, of course. Brazilians are just naturally curious. So if you think you can get away with not talking about yourself, you’re dead wrong.

Example Dialogue

E você? can be directly translated to “and you?” or “what about you?” – there’s no mystery in that. But do you know how to pronounce it? Listen to some of our native Portuguese teachers demonstrate its use in a dialogue:

– Oi, tudo bem?
– Tudo, e você?
bem. Como você se chama?
– Clara, e você?
– Oi, Clara! Sou Nathália.
– Prazer, Nathália. Da onde você é?
– Sou do Rio de Janeiro. E você?
– Eu também sou carioca!
– É você quem organiza a RioLIVE!?
– Não, eu escrevo A Dica do Dia. E você?
– Eu dou aula de português online.
– Hey, how are you?
– I’m fine, and you?
– I’m fine. What’s your name?
– Clara, and yours?
– Hey, Clara. I’m Nathália.
– Nice to meet you, Nathália. Where are you from?
– I’m from Rio de Janeiro. What about you?
– I’m carioca too!
– Are you the one who organizes the RioLIVE! activities?
– No, I write A Dica do Dia. And you?
– I teach Portuguese online.

Now it’s your turn!

Do you think you’re ready to get to know some Brazilians now? Well, you better be ready to answer our questions! Why don’t you practice by trying to think of answers to the questions below?

  • Eu me chamo Clara. E você?
  • Eu sou brasileira. E você?
  • Eu moro em Copacabana. E você?
  • Eu sou professora. E você?
  • Eu gosto de conhecer pessoas novas. E você?

Tell us about yourself in the comments!
Til the next Dica!

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