Easter in Brazil

Semana Santa en Brasil. En Brasil es muy común regalarse chocolate entre amigos y familia para Semana Santa.

Hello people! Is everything ok? Today in our Dica we will learn about Easter in Brazil. Let’s take a look!

Easter in Brazil

People in Brazil celebrate Easter at the end of Lent (the period of forty days following Carnival). Religious people celebrate the whole week but only the Good Friday and Easter Sunday are public holidays. Brazilians celebrate Easter in many different ways, religious people celebrate the Holy Week, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but non religious people celebrate it together with their families having meals together and giving each other chocolate in different shapes and forms.

They give chocolate to their families, to their boyfriends and girlfriends and people that they like. But kids, of course,  love it the most! They use Easter bunny costumes at school, take pictures and give their classmates chocolate.

One of most popular ways to celebrate Easter is called Amigo Secreto de Chocolate (Chocolate version of Secret Santa) where people describe a person and the others have to guess which one it is.

Easter in Brazil. O amigo secreto é uma atividade comum entre amigos para trocar chocolates.

Days of Holy Week

In Brazil during Holy Week we celebrate on different days. Let’s see the names and the activities during this week:

  • Sexta-feira da paixão (Good Friday) – Normally on this day people get together to eat and remember the death of Jesus. Most people don’t eat meat, they eat fish instead.


  • Sábado de aleluia (Holy Saturday) – It’s the day to burn Judas. Brazilians prepare a doll and hang it on a pole for everybody to bash. This doll represents someone that they don’t like.


  • Domingo de páscoa (Easter Sunday) – It’s the most important day of the Holy Week. Many Brazilians go to Mass to give thanks to God but this is also the day when they give Easter eggs to each other.

Another really popular thing in Brazil are the in-store sales all around the country. The stores that couldn’t sell the Easter eggs, give really huge discounts in order to sell, so many Brazilians wait until after Easter to buy chocolate.

What about you? Do you celebrate Holy Week and Easter in your country? Tell us! That’s it, my friends. We’ve learned how people celebrate Easter in Brazil.

Bye, Bye!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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