Easter in Portuguese

31 de March de 2021

How to Talk about Easter in Portuguese

Some people are religious. Some people like chocolate. What do you do to celebrate Easter in your country? More importantly, how would you answer that question in Portuguese? Don’t worry, though! Because in today’s Dica we are going to teach you some vocabulary to talk about Easter in Portuguese. And stick around to hear a native speaker pronouncing some examples, too!

Vocabulary for Easter in Portuguese

páscoa Easter
ovo de páscoa Easter egg
caçar to hunt
caça ao ovo de páscoa Easter egg hunt
lembrar to remember
receber to receive
dar to give
celebrar to celebrate
coelho/coelhinho da páscoa Easter bunny
Feliz páscoa! Happy Easter!
domingo de páscoa Easter Sunday
sábado de aleluia Holy Saturday
sexta-feira santa Good Friday
semana santa Holy Week

Let’s hear some examples!

Meus pais sempre preparam uma caça ao ovo de páscoa.
My parents always organize an Easter egg hunt.

Eu nunca me lembro de comprar ovos de páscoa.
I never remember to buy Easter eggs.

Os professores de português viajam durante a semana santa.
The Portuguese teachers are away during the Holy Week.

Minha família sempre celebra o domingo de páscoa junta.
My family always celebrates Easter Sunday together.

Todo mundo da Rio & Learn e recebe chocolate na páscoa.
Everybody from Rio & Learn gives and receives chocolate at Easter.

Quando eu era pequena, acreditava no Coelhinho da Páscoa e caçava ovos.
When I was little, I believed in the Easter Bunny and I hunted eggs.

Feliz páscoa!
Happy Easter!


Religious Traditions during Easter

Christianity is not everyone’s cup of tea. But it sure is a big part of Brazil! A lot of the Easter traditions we have are tied directly to the teachings and descriptions of the Bible. And some of those traditions are also specifically linked to days. For example, for Good Friday people generally opt to eat fish in Brazil. For that reason, we thought it’d be important to give you some vocabulary to talk about these religious traditions.

cear to have supper
a ceia the supper
o apóstolo the apostle
trair to betray
morrer to die
a cruz the cross
ressucitar to resurrect
rezar / orar to pray
a missa the mass
a procissão the procession

That’s it for today, everyone! I hope you’re now ready to talk about Easter in Portuguese!

See you in the next Dica!
Bye bye!

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