Embarking on a Forró adventure!

Forró no Rio de janeiro

Oi! Aprender Forró fue toda una experiencia. Aunque un poco parecido a salsa, el forró tiene un tempo distinto más rápido y muy divertido. Castrinho es muy profesional y excelente profesor. Una verdadera prueba de la cultura de baile carioca.

Paola Aldrete, Mexico

Aulas de Forró no Rio de Janeiro

Embarking on a Forró adventure, we united at the school under the enchanting spell of the Forró maestro, Castrinho. We surrendered to the beats, swaying and grooving like there’s no tomorrow. With music as our guide, our feet became bold dancers, stepping to their own rhythm! Sure, we had some toe-tapping collisions, but hey, that just added to the excitement! Our golden rule for the class? “Every toe tap owes a caipirinha.” Needless to say, not a single soul grumbled!

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Dancing forró in Brazil

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