Embracing the best of nature and Brazil

view of Morro Dois Irmãos

On March 21st 8 students from Rio & Learn, their teacher, and a few local friends went on an adventure to hike to the top of montaha Dois Irmãos in search of one of the best views in Rio. Did everything go exactly to plan? No. Did that make the trip even more memorable? Yes! Our group met at Rio & Learn at 14:30 and called ubers to take them to the start of the adventure at praça do Vidigal. Along the way the students experienced another quintessential part of living in Rio de Janeiro… random traffic jams. But, our patience persisted and by 16:30 the group was assembled at the praça and ready to embark on the first part of the way up the mountain. The first part of the ascent is done by mototaxi. The thing we were about to learn about the mototaxi drivers of Vidigal is that they all seem to be training for a moto derby. They ferried us up to the top of the favela at blinding speeds as we hung onto the motorbikes for dear life. But, we all made it to the top safely and pumping with adrenaline. Protip: remember to bring $R10 exact change for the mototaxi or your fare might be a little more expensive than you anticipated. Finally at the start of the trail, we began our hike. The advantage to starting later in the day was that the sun was not as hot. It’s a steep hike, but there are many scenic places to rest, take pictures, and enjoy the view. We finally ascended to the summit with the sun beginning to set. The view from the top is incredible, and with the sun setting, the sky and colors were even more beautiful. We took a well deserved rest at the top and then began the hike back down as the sun was setting. Our earlier delay turned into an unexpected blessing as we were able to have the rare experience of watching the sun set in the west from one of the best views in Rio. Que dia maravilhoso!

Robert Krisel, United States

taking photos on the trail

Without a doubt, our tour was one of the most rewarding experiences we could have. Nature is spectacular, and especially the city of Rio de Janeiro. Enjoying the warm climate of the city, with the enveloping nature of the forest and the spectacular view of Rio, is truly incredible. We had a super fun and magnificent day.

friends having fun in Rio de Janeiro

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an afternoon having fun in Rio

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