Embracing the bright side of life

living life the best way in Rj

We had a great and relaxing afternoon in the Urca neighborhood. We started with a swim in a small hidden bay at the Praia Vermelha, facing the beautiful view of the Pao de Acucar. We relaxed drinking green coco and listening to music. Afterwards, we went for a walk through the Urca neighborhood, where we enjoyed the peaceful ambience with a superb view of the Botafogo area. It was just a wonderful way to enjoy the moment, with a cold beer and nice conversation, in Portuguese of course.

Johanne Pelletier, Canada

A beach day in Brazil with friends

Despite the weather not being the world’s best, we made the most of life’s treasures: beach, friends, and a great time chatting and getting to know everyone around. During our stroll through Urca, we took a dip in the sea, battling less-than-favorable weather, but it was still absolutely amazing. We wandered through the neighborhood, explored the Urca wall, and ended up at a bar where we spent the late afternoon savoring some ice-cold beers. It was a marvelous moment.

the good side of life in Rio de Janeiro

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Drinking a beer on the wall of Urca

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