Enjoying beaches

Enjoying beaches

Enjoying beaches - Students relaxing and drinking caipirinhas
Enjoying beaches – Students relaxing and drinking caipirinhas

Att få åka ner till Barra de Tijuca var en kul upplevelse. Vi övade på att förbättra vår portugisiska medans vi fick se de fina stränderna i Tijucca och dricka caipirinhas.

Mona Kamrani, Sweden.

Last RioLIVE! on Saturday we spent the day enjoying beaches. We started our activity as always, with meeting in front of Rio & Learn in the morning to make good use of every moment of the day. Once everyone was ready, we set off to our first destination: the Pedra do Telégrafo. This stone is in Barra de Guaratiba neighborhood, and to get there, we had to make a trail about 40 minutes.

Enjoying beaches - Students ready for the hike
Enjoying beaches – Students ready for the hike

SAM_2061 Rio & Learn SAM_2057 Rio & Learn SAM_2063 Rio & Learn SAM_2067 Rio & Learn SAM_2068 Rio & Learn SAM_2074 Rio & Learn Enjoying beaches

After the Pedra do Telégrafo, we went to Grumari Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. We got in the sea to soak a bit and then came back to relax on the sand, where we talked in Portuguese about the beach.

SAM_2079 Rio & Learn SAM_2080 Rio & Learn SAM_2081 Rio & Learn SAM_2082 Rio & Learn SAM_2084 Rio & Learn

So we left Grumari, we visited another beach, called Prainha, which is very close to the previous one. At Prainha, we stopped for lunch in a very cozy restaurant which have a beautiful view of the entire beach. We were all very hungry, but the food and landscape were great.

20160903_134804 Rio & Learn 20160903_135333 Rio & Learn SAM_2085 Rio & Learn SAM_2086 Rio & Learn

Our last point was the Pepê Beach, which is a busier beach, but also very beautiful, where we spent the end of the afternoon relaxing, drinking caipirinhas and watching footvolley games.

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