Enjoying Porto Maravilha

Enjoying Porto Maravilha

Enjoying Porto Maravilha.
Enjoying Porto Maravilha.

Last Wednesday, with RioLIVE!, we went to Porto Maravilha. It is an area that used to be abandoned and slightly run down however, after the olympics has been renovated and boasts a fantastic pier, leading into the sea as well as a museum called Museu do Amanhã which is an interesting example of modernist architecture in Brazil.

It was a great experience, especially navigating the tram (VLT) and train system on the way there! Nearby the museum there is also the world~s largest example of graffiti by the artist called Kobra. It features a face from every continent in the world, with a focus on indigenous roots and origins. I highly recommend the area, not least for the range of bars and selection of capirinhas on offer.

 Adnan Ahmed, United kingdom.

Last Wednesday we spent our afternoon enjoying Porto Maravilha. Those who have visited the place before are surprised when they come back to Porto Maravilha. On our RioLIVE! we had the opportunity to meet the Olympic legacy. We took a ride on the VLT, went through Museu do Amanhã and walked by Rio de Janeiro’s Zona Portuária.

SAM_4760 Rio & Learn SAM_4761 Rio & Learn SAM_4762 Rio & Learn SAM_4763 Rio & Learn SAM_4765 Rio & Learn SAM_4766 Rio & Learn SAM_4767 Rio & Learn

This time we didn’t enter the Museum, but we walked around it and had amazing landscapes for our pictures. Our afternoon was full of interaction between students from beginners and advanced levels. As part of the school methodology, students knew they would only speak Portuguese and tried practicing with each other. It was a really productive afternoon to all those who spoke Portuguese. We finished our walk through Porto Maravilha in a great way drinking some beers and caipirinhas while we watched the Milan soccer match.

SAM_4768 Rio & Learn SAM_4769 Rio & Learn SAM_4770 Rio & Learn SAM_4771 Rio & Learn SAM_4772 Rio & Learn SAM_4776 Rio & Learn

Come and have fun with Rio & Learn participating on our RioLIVE! activities.

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