Enjoying the colors and cultures of the North and Northeast

Having fun with Gonzaga

En el mágico mercado de São Cristovão en Río de Janeiro, experimenté la auténtica cultura brasileña. Sabores del norte y noreste, música envolvente y risas con amigos de la escuela crearon una noche inolvidable. El broche de oro: un karaoke vibrante donde entonamos juntos canciones, sellando la magia de Brasil en cada nota.

Paula Otálora, Colombia

It was amazing to see the students smiling and enjoying the atmosphere at the Feira. Since I was little, I remember going there with my family, who came directly from the Northeast. While for some, the Feira brings back memories of what the North and Northeast are like, for others, like me, it creates new memories. Seeing the students enjoying the same atmosphere and also creating their own memories of how diverse Brazil is in a very respectful way, fills me with joyful emotion.

Caipirinhas e comidas do Norte

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Curtindo a vibe do karaokê

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