Enjoying the Northeastern Culture at the Sao Cristovao Fair

The trip to Feira de São Cristóvão was one full of laughs, historical tidbits, and overall good vibes. Not to mention, the giant plates of beans, rice, and various types of meat that were consumed. It was extremely interesting to learn about how the market came to be, and the unique culture of Northeastern Brazil. Pedro is highly knowledgeable about the history of Brazil and is an excellent teacher and the entire group enjoyed learning from him. Karaoke, dancing, and some cold beers had everyone feeling like true Cariocas!

Brett, USA

Group enjoying Baião de Dois, a traditional meal of Northeastern Brazil
Students enjoying Baião de Dois, a delicious traditional meal of Northeastern Brazil.

Luis Gonzaga Municipal Center for Northeastern Traditions, aka Sao Cristovao Fair, is a must go in Rio de Janeiro. At the beginning of our RioLIVE! at Feira de São Cristóvão, we were greeted by the statue of Luis Gonzaga, the King of Baião (a type of Forró), standing at the map of Brazil, as a reminder of the importance of the Northeastern culture. Inside the brick walls of the center we walked around many streets where we found stores that sell typical food, beverages, artcraft, utilities and more. Then we went to a restaurant to have Baião de Dois, a delicious traditional meal from the northeast. At the end we hang out at one of the karaoke bars and sang songs in Portuguese.

Groups singing at karaoke bar at Sao Cristovao Fair
Students having fun singing songs in Portuguese at a karaoke bar.

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Group wearing leather hats typical of the northeast
Having fun with the typical leather hats.

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