Ensaio Técnico with Mangueira and Saaya

Ensaio Técnico with Mangueira and Saaya

Ensaio técnico with Mangueira and our foreign Portuguese students.
Ensaio Técnico with Mangueira.

A ensaio técnico with Mangueira is one of the best things to do every year on pre-carnival. Mangueira is one of the best Samba schools where is dancing as a passista our student from Japan Saaya. Last Sunday we went to enjoy this amazing show where the best samba schools do a training (ensaio) at this amazing and so Brazilian place that is the sambadrome, the place were people enjoy the best Carnival show in the world.

We saw the ensaio técnico of three samba schools, two of the Grupo de Acesso and Mangueira, the oldest Escola de Samba that exists, that competes at Grupo Especial.

Our students enjoyed by their first time this amazing show and got amazed to be just in front of the place where samba school dancers walk, as VIP people!

Portuguese, fun, smiles, samba and beer were around all the hours long. Was a great night that we finished with a nice dinner at Lapa.

Mangueira no Sambodromo
Can you see Saaya? Just in the middle!! 😉

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