Ala Delta Genial el pasado Fin de Semana

Haciendo el avioncito en el Asa Delta.

In an effort to get myself out of my head and into the new environment around me, I made a bet with myself that I would do everything my gut told me not to. Let’s get this straight: heights absolutely terrify me, so the mere thought of hang-gliding through the Asa Delta hundreds of feet in the air produced a cold chill down my spine. But after I finally made it back to land, I can say without a doubt that this was one of the best things I’ve done while in Rio! To my surprise, I immediately wanted to do it again.

Samuel Jackson, United States of America

Asa Delta Genial el Pasado Fin de Semana en Río de Janeiro.
¡Samuel cerca del cielo!

Tuvimos como RioLIVE! un Ala Delta genial el pasado fin de semana con nuestros estudiantes. Un momento inolvidable que pedía mucho coraje, ¡qué suceso!

Estudiantes en Río de Janeiro preparándose para el vuelo en Ala Delta.
¡Baris preparándose para volar!

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