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Samba y amistad

Pedra do sal เป็นย่านที่คึกคักอีกแห่งหนึ่งของนครริโอเดอจาเนโร เป็นย่านของชาวบราซิลเชื้อสายแอฟริกัน เอาไว้จัดปาร์ตี้แนวเพลงเป็นแซมบ้า ยิ่งทุก ๆ วันจันทร์จะใหญ่เป็นพิเศษ แต่เค้าจัดแทบทุกวันเลยนะ ทุกคนก็จะเต้นแซมบ้ากัน มีดนตรีสดแซมบ้า สนุกมาก รอบๆมีขาย caipirinha หรือ cocktail บราซิลด้วย ราคารับได้ชงเข้มมาก เป็นอีกที่นึงสำหรับสายปาร์ตี้ห้ามพลาด ใครไม่ดื่มก็ไปกินไส้กรอกแทน Kanin Thangpanyawi, Tailandia Nada mejor que el samba y la amistad para conectar con Río. Pedra do Sal es uno de los mejores lugares para ello, y además de disfrutar de la tradicional roda de samba, nuestros alumnos pudieron entablar amistad con brasileños de otras partes del país y

Colores e historia

Entre arte y historia

Today, we visited the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, which was a great experience. Firstly, we took the bondinho, tried the typical dish of Brazil (feijoada), got to know a bit of the parque das ruinas, and the escaderia selaron. As always, this activity was a great way to continue practicing portuguese outside of class and to get to know more about the Brazilian culture as well. Santino Michini, Inglaterra Nuestros

Tarde en el Arpoador - RJ

¡Más bonito imposible!

Visiting the Arpoador yesterday was one of the best I’ve had in Rio de Janeiro. Although I’ve visited before, going now with my colleagues from Rio & Learn was even better because I was able to practise my Portuguese and meet new people. The first stop at the Copacabana Fort was wonderful, the exhibitions and the views were a good appetizer for the main event. One of the most beautiful

Sonrisas y abrazos en la playa

Sol, Mar & Voleibol

A few students from the school gathered together to head to the beach, where we played volleyball and soaked in the rays. It was a unique experience to enjoy some time with my classmates and professors outside of regular class time, while still having the opportunity to practice Portuguese. Although it was a brutally hot day, it was a great time! En la soleada y calurosa Copacabana, nuestros estudiantes se

comiendo moqueca brasileña

La comida cuenta una historia

I had the pleasure of attending a cooking class with Simone, where we prepared an array of delicious Brazilian dishes, including queijo coalho, caipirinhas, moqueca, and brigadeiro. Throughout the class, Simone shared fascinating insights into Brazilian history and how the country’s cuisine has evolved over time. The experience was truly amazing, offering the perfect blend of fun and learning. Not only did I learn how to cook traditional Brazilian food,

La mejor conexión

Una preciosa caminata: Morro dos Dois Irmãos

The trail of Dois Irmãos was a climb on the stairway to heaven!A beautiful trail in the jungle like vegetation all the way to the top. A real treat for people who enjoy hiking! Even in the clouds with no view, the trip was very satisfying. And if there is no view, fear not! Patience is virtue, the clouds will go and the amazing view of Ipanema will open before

Cascatinha Taunay - Floresta da Tijuca

Naturaleza a 30 minutos de la ciudad

Tijuca National Park, the largest urban forest in the world and one of Rio’s many treasures. With its sheer density and lushness, it’s easy to forget that you are just 30 minutes from the city. The park has many incredible sights to take in, from waterfalls to hidden caverns and breathtaking vistas. It is the perfect place to get reacquainted with nature while practicing Portuguese. Katrina Arzola, Estados Unidos ¿Sabes

Una noche de diversión y fiesta en Lapa.

¡El centro de la fiesta!

It was Friday night and after a long week we were all ready to let our hair down! We were hitting lapa! We started the night under the bright lights of lapa arches, getting our caipirinhas and cervejas from the little stalls there. It was a good warm up but then it was on to the pubs and clubs. We went to a place that I have no idea what

Paseos en barco por Río de Janeiro

¡Siempre inmerso en el portugués!

Ilha da Gigóia was a great experience. We took the metro to get to Barra da Tijuca and then went on a boat ride afterwards around the island. We saw many fancy restaurants and houses on the island, along with a beautiful view of the Morros here in Rio. Then, we went to a seafood restaurant (P21) to have lunch. This RioLIVE! was yet again a great way to be